PartsBox for Businesses

Find information, fast

No more wading through endless directory trees on your file server. No more thinking about where to find that 3D CAD model. Instant search lets you find any part in seconds. Just type several characters to get to the part, its specs, your notes and all your files attached to that part.

Add information easily

Zero friction. Need to store a file? Just add it to a part as an attachment. Don't worry about naming files, creating directories, and finding the right place on the file server. Adding information has never been simpler.

Build organizational knowledge

Employees leave. Don't let their knowledge disappear. Part and project notes are the perfect place to store knowledge. This is the place to let others know that pin 11 (NMI) on that chip needs a pullup, or add a photo of a whiteboard with an example schematic.

Database Import Service

We will import your existing part database data into PartsBox. Any machine-readable format is fine: send us Excel spreadsheets, CSV data, SQL or XML dumps, anything goes. We will deal with it, process it and import as much as possible into PartsBox. Just E-mail us with your data after signing up (there is a non-refundable one-time charge of $199 for this service).

For a limited time only, we are offering this service for free! Every commercial plan gets the Database Import Service at no additional cost.

Your data is safely yours (no lock-in)

It's your data. You can export everything you entered, anytime. Data export is a fundamental PartsBox feature that is developed and maintained to the same standards as the rest of the app. We want you to use PartsBox because it provides value, not because you are forced to. You can feel safe that no one will ever hold your data hostage.