PartsBox for Hackers/Makers/Hobbyists

Save money on parts, order just what you need

Ordered too many parts because you didn't know you already had them? Happens to all of us. When you plan new projects or place orders, quickly check your stock and use what you already have, saving money.

Datasheets are there the moment you need them

Need that pinout *now*, soldering iron in your hand? No web searches, no looking around on your local drive, find the part in seconds using the blazing-fast search — and the datasheet is only a click away.

Less work categorizing components

You don't have to think about how to categorize your components. Some components naturally belong in multiple categories, creating problems. PartsBox lets you tag your parts for easier and flexible access, assigning many tags automatically, so you often don't have to do any work.

Your data is safely yours (no lock-in)

It's your data. You can export everything you entered, anytime. Data export is a fundamental PartsBox feature that is developed and maintained to the same standards as the rest of the app. We want you to use PartsBox because it provides value, not because you are forced to. You can feel safe that no one will ever hold your data hostage.


PartsBox is absolutely FREE for hackers and makers (single-user access). No strings attached. And signing up takes just 30 seconds.

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