Keep track of your electronic parts

Easily add parts and remove stock. Quickly process incoming parts using built-in barcode scanning. Keep all associated data (datasheets, 3D CAD models) in a searchable instantly-accessible database. Always know what you have and what you can build.

Get pricing quickly

Automatically price your projects/BOMs, handling price breaks from multiple distributors, currency conversions, MOQs and order multiples. Add offers from your suppliers, plan your purchasing and enjoy always up-to-date pricing for your projects. (Learn more)

Substitute parts easily

Use meta-parts to group interchangeable components (alternates or substitutes) and keep your BOMs flexible, avoiding project delays due to part shortages. All part substitutes are considered for project pricing, purchasing and building. (Learn more)

PartsBox is an online app that lets you take control of your electronic parts inventory, BOM pricing, and production. It keeps track of where components are stored, what the current stock levels are, and which components are used in which projects/BOMs.

Built-in barcode scanning

To add stock or create parts, simply scan the bag that the part came in.

Use your computer's camera or a connected barcode scanner (2D or 1D). PartsBox will offer to create the part if it doesn’t exist, pop up an "Add Stock" dialog, and even fill in the quantity.

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What do users say?

"Good solution for BOM and parts management without the bulk" (Travis T., Mechatronics Designer)
"Best way to maintain electronics inventory online" (Andy H., VP Engineering)
"Part management for distributed teams!" (Anner J. B., Sr Software Engineer)
"PartsBox took us to the next level" (Yossi H., VP Engineering)
"Best part management system" (Luiz Renault L., Engenheiro EletrĂ´nico)
"Manage your parts inventory without a software learning curve" (William H., Advisor)
"Partsbox is specifically designed for electronics parts stock management, and does this job very well" (Victor C., CTO)
"Finally, a solution to managing my parts inventory" (Chip M.)
"Great tool" (Morten H., CTO)
"Best inventory management software I could find"
"PartsBox changed our life" (Ibrahim K., CEO)

See what customers think of PartsBox on Capterra (a Gartner Group B2B review site):

5 / 5

Hardware startups, manufacturers, companies that design, prototype and manufacture electronic devices, R&D divisions of large companies and research labs use PartsBox to manage their inventory, purchasing and production. PartsBox is a low-friction ERP/MRP system specifically targeted towards electronics production.

Buy only what really is needed

Your BOMs often share common parts. When building several projects, find out what actually needs to be bought, taking existing inventory into account. Let PartsBox calculate how many parts you need to buy.

Lot control/tracking

Find production batches based on a part distributor lot number or order. Find order number based on a device serial number. Have full control over which parts go into which device builds.

Keep track of builds

Every build can have a different configuration: footprints could be left unpopulated, parts could be substituted. Partial builds are also supported: place SMD parts first, then follow with THT later. Let PartsBox remember exactly what was built and when.

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