Keep your lab/workshop organized

Take control: quickly find parts, know what you have, keep track of projects/BOMs. Keep datasheets, 3D CAD models and other files together with part info. Everything in one place, easily accessible in a blazingly fast app.

Spend more time designing and building

PartsBox helps you work, without getting in the way. And time saved organizing components is time you can spend designing and building. Why not use the tool that helps you get the job done?

Get projects done on time and on budget

Did you forget to order one of the parts needed to complete a prototype, causing a project delay? Happens to all of us. Thanks to Project (BOM) Management, you can quickly check if all the required components are on hand.

What is it?

PartsBox is an online tool for managing a collection of electronic components. It keeps track of where components are stored, what the current stock levels are, and which components are used in which projects. It displays component specs, allows for attaching documents (datasheets, 3D CAD models) to parts, and searches the entire database quickly.

Instant search

Blazingly fast instant search lets you find any part in seconds. Just type several characters to get to the part. Try it in the demo, you won't believe the speed!

One-click datasheet access

The datasheet is a single click away, just when you need it. With no extra work: known parts automatically get links to online datasheets.


PartsBox is amazingly fast. Searching, navigating around, checking stock, accessing projects — everything happens instantly. Multiple users get instant updates when anything changes.

Used by Hackers/Makers and Businesses

PartsBox for Individuals

Makers & hackers: PartsBox is free for you, with everything the electronic hobbyist needs. Build and learn faster with PartsBox!

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PartsBox for Business

Get your lab, workshop or small production facility organized: keep track of parts and associated documents (datasheets, 3D CAD models) together.

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