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Find parts quickly and easily
Keep track of what you have
Group parts into Projects/BOMs
Part tagging for flexible organization
Auto-tags based on specs
Print labels
One-click access to datasheets
Blazingly fast fuzzy search
Tag-based search
Access your data from anywhere
Light and simple, works on mobile, too
Share your parts database with friends
Get parts from others in your area
No lock-in — it's your data
Export your data anytime
Designed by makers for makers
Simple, fast, non-intrusive
Always lets you export your data
Much better than a spreadsheet
Free for makers and hobbyists

What's new?


Tag parts and search for tags ("#smd #transistor"). Linked parts get auto-tags added automatically based on specs, so that you don't have to enter all the tags manually.

BOM management

Add parts to a project (BOM), manage their quantities, verify if there is enough stock for building a project, and remove stock for all project parts in one go.

Search engine

New search engine: blazingly fast, with fuzzy matching, now also searches part descriptions, footprints and notes.

Moving parts is now easy

  • Move stock operation (as requested)
  • ISO8601 date format (as requested)
  • Better disconnection handling
  • Under-the-hood fixes & optimizations

Specs data for linked parts

Lots of improvements in this update:

  • Specifications are now displayed for linked parts
  • When creating a part, you can now either match exact part name or search the Octopart database for items such as "adafruit 1063"
  • Choose your preferred date format in settings
  • Lots of other fixes based on user feedback
Please keep those suggestions coming!