About PartsBox

PartsBox is a project designed and implemented by Jan Rychter. I've been doing software and hardware development for nearly 20 years now. PartsBox was born, because I had a practical need of managing my electronic components and could not find anything that I really liked. I thought I would write something that works for me, and perhaps it will work for other people, too.

PartsBox is not a startup. It is a low-cost, bootstrapped, organic growth operation. There is no VC funding and no huge burn rate, which means there is also no need to worry about the company being abruptly shut down.

PartsBox is made in Europe.

Technical details, for those so inclined: the software is written in ClojureScript (compiled to highly optimized JavaScript) on the client side, using React.js for user interface updates, and Clojure on the server side, running in a JVM (Java Virtual Machine). It uses the RethinkDB distributed database for data storage.

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